I Is Bite Sized

A baby bear in a sock. Article Here.
Guest words by This Lovely Woman


Promotion? Yes RLY.

Koopa Troopa Propaganda Poster

Original Composition
Based on Super Mario Bros

The Koopa Troopas really do get screwed...poor guys.


Dear America...

Quote by John Cleese from an open letter to America.
Image from Cleese's book How To Irritate People


Happy Valentine's Day

For my Lovely Kitteh
Happy Valentine's Day.

For the Love of God...

Image from EnglishRussia.com


The World's Strongest Dwarf

Original Photo by Barcroft Media
Quote by Romeo, self-proclaimed world's strongest dwarf

Want a portrait of yourself?

Comment on this post with a link to whatever picture you want, and I'll do a crappy drawing of it if the picture is sweet enough. Why, you ask? To that I say: why not.

The Opposite of Safe

Image found on Digg
Quote by BountyChief

Chairman Cao

Original composition